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Architectural Photography
Model Homes, Condos, Factories, High Rises, Museums,
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Real Estate Photography
Remember, the first thing a clients looks at is your pictures.
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Construction Photography
Workmanship problems or time lapse photos, we can keep up
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Commercial - Industrial    Photography
Annual reports, product shots, catalogue or brochures material we can produce stunning
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I specialize in Architectural, Real Estate, Construction, Commercial and Industrial photography. We don't do weddings or babies but we will project your space in the best possible light .

My focus is to serve the community of Architects, Engineers, Real Estate Developers, the Construction trade along with the growing list of Real Estate Brokers using professional services to capture a selling image instead of a good snapshot.

My goal is to capture a visual message that represents the true essence of what you are trying to convey to your customers. Chances are the first glimpse of your property will be my image, and I have only a few seconds to spark their interest.

Other photographers can talk a good pictures but as an experience Realtor, Developer and Businessman myself, I believe that your goal is to sell, whether that is conceptual, or property. It could even be a legal matter with construction issues, the images must convey that message loud and clear and that is what I will do for you.

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